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Project Schilde

Type of mobile pool floor:
Premium Cfloor

“A while ago, we decided to integrate a (Premium) Cfloor into our outdoor pool, and we haven’t regretted it for one second since.

Initially, we fell in love with the look. We didn’t want a ‘blue square’ in our garden, and the stone finish of our Cfloor has transformed our pool into a real eyecatcher.

I’m technically inclined, so I was immediately fascinated by the multi-purpose system. The Cfloor can be set up at multiple heights, from swimming to dipping your toe in – no stairs needed! When completely closed, the pool even functions as an extended terrace! On top of all of that, the dark stone works as a passive heating system. On hot days, we set the depth at about 30 centimeter, and the warmth absorption of the dark stone ensures a quick heating up of the pool water. The Cfloor’s isolation properties are also excellent, which keeps our water warm for much longer than a conventional cover.

Nobody likes to clean, but everyone wants their pool to look nice. That’s one of the many reasons I’d recommend Cfloor. The system is virtually maintenance free. Such a luxury!

The Cfloor has been installed for some time , and I couldn’t say a bad thing about Group Ceyssens’ service… Because I haven’t needed their help. Not even once! Technical perfection is its own form of service.

So yes, I’d definitely call myself a fan! Cfloor is a durable investment that I can recommend to just about anyone.”  

Cfloor movable floor swimming pool in Schilde Cfloor movable floor swimming pool in Schilde 2