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Some advantages of Cfloor

Some advantages of Cfloor
  • Automatic pool cover
  • Multifunctional pool floor
  • Swimming pool safety cover (up to 200 kg/m2)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor pools
  • Aesthetic look
  • Energy saving
  • Only 1 annual service

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Why choose Cfloor?

Why choose Cfloor?
Perfect peace of mind.

With Cfloor, you can rest assured: in the highest position, the moveable floor blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment, guaranteeing the safety of people and animals. Because enjoying your pool is the same as enjoying perfect peace of mind.

Cfloor is a feast for the eyes: the moveable floor seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment for a serene, aesthetic look. All mechanics are integrated directly into the construction: the motor and other elements are completely invisible for a view that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Discover all the advantages
With the touchscreen you can operate your pool lighting, garden lighting, blinds and more from a distance.

Even more possibilities with the touchscreen

For an even better service, a remote access module can be built into the e-closet. With this module, you can take control of the installation from a remote location and avoid unnecessary displacements. Even software updates and changes to the touch screen are possible from another location.

The touchscreen can be expanded with extra functions. Additional buttons can be placed to operate pool lighting, garden lighting, blinds and more from a distance. This is simple and intuitive.

From a Basic to High-end moveable pool floor

From a Basic to High-end moveable pool floor
At the request of the customer, the base of the moveable floor can be built depending on the maximum required load. We can provide anything from a simple pool cover to a dance floor.

Project Schilde

Premium Cfloor

So yes, I’d definitely call myself a fan! Cfloor is a durable investment that I can recommend to just about anyone.”

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